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Take a Break with YaYa at the 904 Cafe



Who am I? I’ve worn many different hats in my time, but have settled in comfortably to my current life as a mom, grandmom (known as YaYa), wife, and domestic goddess. I love having a “stay at home” career! My grandson Oliver helped me come up with the name for my blog based on a game we used to play when he was very, very young. I hope you will take some time to sit down, have a cuppa with me – and maybe a slice of your favorite homemade dessert while you peruse my posts. Enjoy!



And now for the legal stuff: This is a personal blog. I am no expert in anything – this blog is written for entertainment mostly, although recipes have been tried and tested. If you have any sort of need for professional advice – medical, home-wise, garden-wise, etc., please contact the appropriate professional. Further, I have no intention of maligning religion, ethnicity, clubs, organizations, etc. I’m just me, writing and opening little windows into my life.